Eyeliners permanent tattoo course & training Eyeliners
Here you can learn about the Eyeliners training block.

If you are already certified makeup specialist and want to increase your service assortment then you should consider the Eyeliners, because of the constant high demand for it, short time to serve the clients, compared to Lips Blush or Powdered Eyebrows.

Go ahead and learn about it!

Lips blush course & training Lips blush
Here I explain what's inside the Lips Blush training block.

If you want to start with your permanent makeup career - that block is probably one of the best for it, because today it becomes more and more popular among women.

They really like it!

And probably you are one of those women and have already tried Lips Blush for yourself.

And now you might want to learn how to do it!

Go ahead and see it through!
Powedered Ombre Eyebrows course & training Powedered Ombre Eyebrows

A newer and more advanced technique called Ombré Powder Brows (also known as powder, mist, microshading, ombré shading, or stardust brows) was developing in Asia.

Ombré Powder Brows differs from traditional tattooing in that it is surface work—meaning, the application is done on the epidermis layer of the skin.

The technique is described by its name, with results being powdery with a faded front and a crisp tail, resembling the look of makeup.

Henna Eyebrow Design course & training Henna Eyebrow Design
Henna Eyebrows and Tinting Training (Eyebrow Design)

This intensive training program is THE most important training program designed for both industry newcomers and seasoned permanent eyebrow professionals who want to become THE best Brow Stylist! Brow Design training will provide you with skills to see faces and choose the best eyebrows that will help to enhance your clients face and help them to look more beautiful.
Eyelash lift and tint course & training Eyelash lift and tint
Velvet for lashes&brows - is a new star among the procedures for natural eyelashes! The procedure Velvet for L&B should be carried out only by a professional master who has been trained! It’s the only way to guarantee a truly stunning and lasting effect of the procedure.

Advantages and differences “Velvet For Lashes&Brows”


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