Lips blush

Lips blush course & training

Lips blush

Lips blush course & training

Here you will be explained about what will happen during two days of that lip blush tattoo training.

So, here they are:


✅  You will receive the information that is suitable for permanent cosmetics and the potential risks of permanent cosmetics will be at hand.

✅  Learn the rules of sanitization and hygiene will be shown: how to properly clean up and disinfect after each procedure.

✅  You will cover the study of skin thickness. As a result you shall get knowledge on how thick and thin skin areas affect the overall healed results.

✅  You will be taught step by step process of creating of Lips blush & Lipstick technique.

✅  Under my supervision and guidance, you will put obtained knowledge into practice on artificial skin to understand the skin depth of permanent cosmetics.

✅ I will be demonstrating proper stretching techniques for lips.

✅ There will be live models for the students to have a chance to practice.

✅ I will be exhibiting and explaining lips procedure on my model.


✅ What the uses are for each type of needle on the market.

✅ Step by step process of creating beautiful lips.

✅ The importance of the proper hand placement and stretch for lips will be discussed with the students.

✅ Students will be practicing the on 2 live models for the Lips Blush & Lipstick technique.

✅ The results of healed lips will be discussed and students will have an opportunity to review their technique and receive feedback.

✅ Color correction of brown/blue lips.

One of the key features is that you will learn 2 techniques - LIps Blush & Lipstick effect.

Beginner version:

✔️ 2 days - $2500 + GST.

✔️ Student's kit is included.

✔️ 3 models at attendance.

Advanced Technician version:

✔️ 1 day - $1500 + GST.

✔️ Student's kit is not included.

✔️ 2 models at attendance

For those who will book their spot at least 2 weeks prior to the lip blush training date will get a bonus - extra practice day. So you will have 2 days of practice instead of 1.

☑️ Artificial skin practice,

☑️ Coloristic theory,

☑️ Practice on live models will be provided in both versions

❇️ A certificate is given in each block after finishing it.

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